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City of San Diego


Kirby Brady, Chief Innovation Officer


City of San Diego



Business Challenge

Nearly 80 percent of San Diego’s population uses personal vehicles as a mode of transportation, leading to a significant carbon footprint across the city. Aligned with the San Diego’s Climate Action Plan, city leaders sought to reduce vehicle use and traffic.

Analytics Solution

Using data obtained from various locations and devices across the city, such as sensors and traffic cameras, the City of San Diego’s Performance and Analytics department integrate various datasets to derive insights into traffic patterns, traffic density, and infrastructure-related issues. Data is also integrated from feedback collected by the city’s Get It Done mobile app, which enables citizens to report issues, including those pertaining to citywide traffic.


The City of San Diego’s data-centric approach has enabled transportation engineers to make real time decisions based on traffic conditions, as well as decisions about where bike lanes and other micro-mobility infrastructure should be located. The initiatives reflect the city’s use of data and analytics to prioritize and work toward a more sustainable San Diego.