Conor Capital

Conor Capital

Bhavik Patel, Chief Financial Officer
Conor Capital
Fort Myers, FL
Industry: Real Estate

Business Challenge

Conor Capital is a commercial real estate investment firm with dealings in a variety of asset classes. They aim to deliver an asymmetric risk to reward profile by utilizing technology and analytics to exceed the expectations of their guests, employees, investors and partners within the community.

Analytics Solution

Conor Capital implemented a plethora of analytics-based solutions to improve efficiency and deliver beyond expectations to their stakeholders. They have developed dynamic analysis models using data from various feeds to evaluate investment underwriting, asset positioning, capital programming, pro-forma modeling and return on investment summaries. To automate property management, Conor Capital has implemented cloud-based operating systems for their hotels to utilize. They monitor performance data and guest information and satisfaction based on markets they operate in.


Conor Capital is able to deliver to their stakeholders by utilizing technology to integrate data analytics into their business model. They are able to use a quantitative approach in modeling their investment criteria to reach a broader market. Business analytics also allow for operational efficiencies by indexing their performances against those of their competitors. They are able to optimize their property business plans accordingly.