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Crate and Barrel


Joan King, VP eCommerce


Crate and Barrel



Business Challenge

Crate and Barrel aimed to create real-time customer insights for its executives, merchants, analysts, and store managers, plus a more seamless experience between online and offline channels.

As with many upscale retailers, Crate and Barrel has to navigate decreased consumer spending and increased consumer demand for personalized services, convenience, and price comparison capabilities that are expected from online channels.

Analytics Solution

Using the MicroStrategy analytics platform, Crate and Barrel links browsing data to actual customers and takes online activity to physical store activity through machine learning. Combining browsing history and social media history with consumer transaction history, Crate and Barrel can perform very specific customer segmentation to target customers and optimize marketing.


MicroStrategy provides Crate and Barrel with mobile functionality, real-time data access, and self-service features at enterprise scale, allowing the retailer to improve business reporting and the customer shopping experience. It also allows store associates to have inventory and sales data exactly when customers need it.