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El Camino Hospital


Cheryl Reinking, Chief Nursing Officer


El Camino Hospital



Business Challenge

El Camino Hospital had difficulty being able to get patient falls under control and aimed to reduce them, along with achieving a desired level of reduced falls to be within the top quartile in the nation.

Analytics Solution

Partnering with the vendor Qventus (formerly analyticsMD), Reinking helped spearhead the effort to transform the organization’s fall prevention program using prescriptive analytics to ensure patients were being proactively and optimally managed. The effort involved going beyond traditional predictive analytics to action-focused insights that allow providers to immediately respond and impact patient safety.


A comprehensive analysis of the hospital’s data led to improved operational decisions. Results of the data triggered an initiative to improve the patient experience—too many needs were not being met, which is why patients were often calling for support. The data also told staff a lot about patient behaviors, particularly those who would not call but were deciding to get out of bed without assistance. As a result, cameras were put in the nurse stations and even in patient rooms, and a technician monitoring the cameras can call into a room where a patient is trying to get up to let the patient know a nurse is coming.