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Ginnie Mae


Tamara Togans, Vice President, Enterprise Data Management


Ginnie Mae



Business Challenge

The Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae) sought to control financial impact and risk exposure to partnering banking institutions affected by hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Analytics Solution

Ginnie Mae introduced the Disaster Response and Relief Dashboard using Tableau. The tool ingests internal and external data, assessing potential loss exposure, identifying affected banks (called “Issuers”), and calculating loss exposure for loan insuring agencies. The dashboard visualizes geographical data, delinquency trends, issuers’ financial exposure, and key data points. Predictive analytics is included within the dashboard’s capabilities to provide disaster impact forecasts and post-disaster analysis.


With intuitive functionality, the Disaster Response and Relief Dashboard delivers information in an easy-to-navigate, centralized platform with rich visualization. The dashboard enabled data to be presented to Ginnie Mae executives in a clear and understandable way, turning them into ambassadors for the its functionality and use. It also introduced parameter-based capabilities and intellectual curiosity for managers and staff, who are now able to make better decisions in real time.