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Grant Thornton Public Sector LLC


Paul Seckar, Principal: Digital Transformation and Management, Public Sector


Grant Thornton Public Sector LLC


Management Consulting

Business Challenge

A premier firm serving federal, state, and local government, Grant Thornton Public Sector LLC uses analytics to solve client challenges. We transform data into intelligence-based insights to improve performance, streamline operations and enable strategic decision-making. Our solutions help clients who face difficulty measuring performance, outcomes and workload complexity. We help clients manage their data as a strategic asset and use analytics to move clients from defensive, reactive programs, to more predictive, proactive ones. By using a data-driven approach to develop solutions, Grant Thornton helps its clients increase effectiveness and efficiency in meeting mission outcomes.

Analytics Solution

Objective decisions are important for budget constrained government agencies. Using analytic and visualization tools, we apply data engineering techniques to structure data for advanced analytic modeling through data science techniques, collaborate closely with client SMEs to draw domain knowledge into the solution set, and structure efforts in agile-based sprints generating rapid results from Minimum Viable Products. To address concerns and exceed compliance standards, we develop easy to use solutions that can be customized to meet client requirements. We transform readily available enterprise data into intelligence, addressing security and operational concerns. Our solutions provide CIOs and CISOs with an enterprise level view of their organization, allowing them to view the organization from data-enabled perspectives.


Our solutions allow clients to support budget requests; streamline operations; gain essential situational awareness; and understand how program, policy and operational changes affect outcomes, customer service and finances. Our customized dashboards and analytic tools help to reduce time and cost needed to improve security, compliance and decision-making. We also provide a holistic view and means of measuring the impact of investments made over time, which can be exercised on a persistent basis. Clients can thus prioritize and analyze from multiple levels of the organization, and better define strategic goals.