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HARMAN International


Annette Jonker, Senior Director Digital, Analytics at HARMAN


HARMAN International


Consumer Electronics, Automotive

Business Challenge

HARMAN manages a highly complex global supply chain for both our automotive and consumer electronics divisions. In 2020, faced with the significant global volatility brought on by COVID-19, HARMAN turned to its analytics organization to help avoid disruptions to customers and to HARMAN’s reputation.

Example challenges the analytics team was asked to help solve:

  • How do we address the immediate challenges COVID-19 introduced?

  • How do we manage near-term cash flow and supply chain resiliency challenges affected by virus-related precautions?

  • How do we plan to rescale with agility - and build recovery groundwork?

  • How will we adapt to longer-term effects of COVID-19?

Analytics Solution

The HARMAN analytics team created an array of new capabilities, in mere weeks, with the help of best-in-class technology partners such as Snowflake, Qlik and Axis Group.

Example solutions to help manage demand and supply fluctuations:

  • Inbound EDI orders – enabling near real-time insights and response to order changes

  • Component inventory – helping identify critical components and proactively manage potential shortages

  • Bill of materials and foreign exchange changes – aiding production decisions

  • Direct material spend and savings – improving data quality for supplier support

  • Indirect procurement spend – tracking targets and savings, helping to mitigate risk, and aiding discovery of new savings opportunities


Example impacts of immediate and ongoing success:

  • Empowerment:

    • 600+ active users across the globe
  • Enablement:

    • 16 times faster productivity gains

    • Demand planning and other process improvements

  • Outcomes:

    • Improved demand forecasting accuracy

    • Improved customer fulfillments and on-time delivery

    • Dramatic crisis response improvements

    • Direct and indirect cost savings

An additional benefit of these new applications is an improved data culture across HARMAN, an organization that now feels more comfortable with a single source of COVID-19 related data – thus helping HARMAN become even more agile and resilient for whatever the future has in store.