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Nikki Maloney-Ballard, Director of Analytics


Hero Digital


Customer Experience

Business Challenge

Choosing a senior care facility is an emotional and often stressful experience for caregivers, adult children, and elderly adults themselves. Yet when visitors arrived at the homepage for Sunrise Senior Living, it didn’t provide the efficiency and clarity these audiences need. The website didn’t speak to their individual situations; investigatory visitors had an identical experience as engaged leads who were ready to book a tour.

Analytics Solution

To create the best customer experience, Hero Digital implemented the Sunrise Care questionnaire. It gathers information on the visitor: who they are (Adult child? Caregiver? Patient?), what kind of care is needed, and their previous experience with assisted living. The questionnaire itself increased opportunity rate by 75% and move-in rate by 125% simply by providing immediate answers to visitors’ most pressing questions. Hero Digital wanted to fully leverage questionnaire data, so the company employed machine learning that provides a personalized website experience. Between landing pages optimized for various personas to geolocation that shows nearby Sunrise communities, the data-driven approach uses demographic, psychographic, and behavioral information to deliver a smoother experience.


The personalized Sunrise website has improved engagement across audiences, yielding an impressive 157% increase in community search, 190% increase in pages per session, and 256% increase in average session duration. Together with retargeting campaigns and marketing automation, Hero Digital saw an 8% increase in opportunity rate and a 267% increase of in-person tours booked by the end of 2017. Overall, there was a 293% increase in leads at target CPL. The company is now implementing a digital “Book a Tour” function to further increase ease and convenience for visitors and accelerate the speed to move-in for seniors who need it most. The new, personalized Sunrise website assures visitors that their senior living facility understands and cares for them at each step of the journey.