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The Iowa Clinic


Christina Taylor, M.D., Chief Quality Officer


The Iowa Clinic



Business Challenge

Every year, an estimated 1 million older adults contract pneumococcal pneumonia and 5 to 7 percent will die, according to data from the AMGA Foundation, the research arm of the Alexandria, Va.-based American Medical Group Association (AMGA). Further, pneumococcal disease accounts for $3.5 billion in direct medical costs, and pneumococcal disease in patients 65 and older accounts for the majority of the $3.5 billion, the most severe cases, and nearly 2 million hospital days each year.

Analytics Solution

To address gaps in its adult vaccination rates, The Iowa Clinic, a West Des Moines-based multispecialty practice serving central Iowa, initiated an analytics-driven collaborative project to increase immunization rates in adult patients, with a specific focus on pneumococcal pneumonia and influenza immunizations. The Iowa Clinic is the largest physician owned multi-specialty group in central Iowa, with more than 200 healthcare providers practicing in 40 specialties. The medical group serves a population area of 1.1 million people, averaging 400,000 patient visits each year.


As a result of the project, The Iowa Clinic increased the pneumococcal vaccine rate in the 65 and older group to 77 percent, a 21 percent increase.