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Land O'Lakes


Rusty Elm, Digital Marketing Manager


Land O'Lakes


Food and Agriculture

Business Challenge

As one of the nation’s largest cooperatives with customers spanning more than 60 countries, Land O’Lakes sought to use marketing technology to deepen connections with consumers across the globe and strengthen its competitive advantage. Land O’Lakes’ key challenge was a burdensome data management process that offered limited visibility and was disconnected from other systems, preventing the cooperative from being able to understand the full extent of the customer journey across multiple touchpoints.

Analytics Solution

To identify, track and analyze campaigns across the customer lifecycle, Land O’Lakes began to integrate its data sources for a comprehensive view of leads, ROI across marketing activities, and customer behavior and engagement. Connecting all of the data elements significantly reduced the amount of time required to prepare the data and increased overall accuracy.


An example of Land O’Lakes heightened customer reach was realized in its “SHE-I-O” campaign, which highlighted the cooperative’s female leaders in conjunction with Women’s Equality Day and the fact that women comprise one third of all U.S. farmers. Results of the campaign include:

  • 3.5+ million views on YouTube
  • 27.7 million ad video views
  • 100K engagements across the campaign
  • 420 million earned impressions, including 75 million via social media
  • 70% increase in word-of-mouth awareness and a 10-point improvement in purchase intent