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Michigan State Police


Deepinder Uppal, Captain David Kelly, Deputy Director, Criminal Justice Information Center and MSP Chief Data Steward; Commander of Intelligence Operations Division


Michigan State Police


Law Enforcement

Business Challenge

The Michigan State Police (MSP) have tapped the potential of business intelligence and analytics for more than a decade, developing a culture that leverages data to provide better service to Michigan’s citizens while supporting law enforcement and promoting safety across the state. Prior to Deepinder Uppal joining the team, MSP and Captain David Kelly had configured a near real-time, mobile, web-based search tool for troopers and detectives called MI-Intel Search. This enabled users to query all major MSP data sources to search for a person, address, or many other fields and is based on Information Builders WebFOCUS technology. While recognizing the value of the initiative, Deepinder and Captain Kelly knew that without a consistent and accurate way to match people across systems and cleanse and enhance address data, the search results may be missing key data points.

Analytics Solution

To solve this data challenge, the organization’s various stakeholders partnered with Information Builders to implement the provider’s Omni-Gen solution. The technology enables MSP to view a “golden record” from a person search to quickly sift through consolidated people records and categories to find who they might be looking for. Additionally, the Omni solution provides near real-time cleansing and geocoding to support violent crime mapping for colonel, district/post, and trooper mobile dashboards and also for a statewide drug enforcement InfoApp that maps drug seizures.


The implementation has improved processes at MSP in numerous ways, chief among them ensuring the accuracy and reliability of key data sets. By obtaining a “golden record” for key business entities, MSP can work smarter and faster and reap the maximum reward from their BI and analytics investment. The proven success of leveraging BI and analytics is driving demand for additional capabilities at MSP—transforming the department’s efforts is an ongoing project.