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The North Face


Ian Dewar, Head of Customer Lifecycle


The North Face


Outdoor Apparel and Equipment

Business Challenge

For the past three years, The North Face has expanded its understanding of customer behavior and built a series of predictive models based on customer behavior and past purchases. The company has had continued success in driving repeat behavior with relevant content. However, as its business continues to be very seasonal, the company realized a need to look at seasonal differences based on weather patterns. With more then 60 stores across the U.S. and more than 1 million e-commerce consumers, the difference in product preferences and seasonal temperatures has a huge impact on the company’s business.

Analytics Solution

With this seasonality in mind, The North Face began to look at regional differences. Dividing the country into nine regions, clear distinctions became evident across the country, with backpack sales peaking in different weeks based on region. However, with further investigation by looking at sales by major region and state, The North Face found that the earliest peak for backpack sales was July week four in Atlanta, Georgia, and September week one for New York City.

With back to school being a key time for The North Face, the company has built a matrix of messages that includes personalized products based on propensity to buy analytics, seasonal preferences based on when customers are more likely to purchase certain products, and regional differences that the right products are being highlighted through direct-to-consumer tactics and media purchases.


The North Face has seen an overall revenue per email delivered improvement of 10-12 percent and expects an increase when using the analysis during back to school and into the fall and holiday season. The company has achieved success in sending the right message, to the right customer, who lives in the right place, at the right time. The North Face’s level of personalization has never been higher and will continue to build its understanding of customer behavior.