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Owens Corning


Malavika Melkote, Director, IT and Analytics


Owens Corning



Business Challenge

Without using analytics, there would be many missed opportunities, incomplete business insights, and decisions based on gut feeling rather than being data-driven. Without analytics, the very questions that describe and explain our business could not be answered. Employees spend enormous amounts of time finding, wrangling and managing data and less time focusing on insights. While technology and analytic methods have leapfrogged in the past three years, making them relevant, accessible and usable has been much slower. The Analytics COE in the Global Information Services organization took this on as a challenge. The challenge was to scale analytics competency from a small group of experts building analytics, to empowering every single analyst/employee who deals with data to be a hero with data, analytics and storytelling – to create a network effect.

Analytics Solution

The Analytics COE sought to rapidly grow and embed adoption of its award-winning analytics practice in the enterprise. The team developed a gamification program and curriculum to engage and support its employees in their education and adoption of analytics. By developing and establishing gamification, Analytics 4 Action came to life. The program provided a new Analytics 4 Action collaboration center in the company’s headquarters and “drop-in” hours for analytics consulting, including bring-your-own-data sessions where employees bring datasets to company experts to help them make sense of it.


In six months, hundreds of employees had participated in the program, improving their analytics prowess and benefiting the company and their own personal development. As employees achieved new levels of expertise, they were awarded super hero status in the Analytics 4 Action game, winning awards and recognition along the way. The program is revolutionizing the way people look at and use data. It has driven speed to insights, actions in the business to solve problems and is growing a data-driven approach to decision making.