Ken Lin, President
Sports Analytics, PA
Industry: Sports Analytics

Business Challenge

P1Software’s clients have been race teams and manufacturers competing in U.S. sports car racing. Our software products use data visualization and data science to provide real time and historical insights needed to make racing decisions. When the COVID-19 pandemic closed trackside fan attendance in 2020, the SRO Motorsports Group organizers and their partners, CrowdStrike Racing and Amazon Web Services (AWS), asked us to help enhance their fans’ web and television broadcast experiences with analytics.

Analytics Solution

We contributed to two remote SRO fan experiences: CrowdStrike Virtual Experience and Race Vision Powered by AWS.

CrowdStrike formerly held CXO Summits at SRO’s U.S. race events and entertained guests with unique access to CrowdStrike Racing’s cars and drivers. When in-person attendance was not possible, they created a web “virtual experience” including special racing streams and commentary. Our live P1TS analysis charts and tables, traditionally used by race teams, are incorporated into the streams, giving fans an insider’s look at how closing rates, traffic, pit stops and other facets affect the race.

SRO Motorsports broadcasts U.S. and European races via live web streams and traditional broadcast (CBS Sports Network, Sky Sports). Using AWS, we developed telemetry processing software that generates live data, feeding SRO’s newly launched “Race Vision powered by AWS” broadcast graphics. TV graphics now show fastest straight away, cornering speeds and other interesting statistics. We process high volumes of telemetry over 24 race hours and transform it into information that entertains and educates fans.


Our SRO Motorsports contributions help to improve and strengthen fan engagement. Incorporating P1TS into CrowdStrike’s virtual experience gives their guests and fans a better appreciation of how teams use analytics to understand the race.

Our processing behind SRO’s “Race Vision powered by AWS” helps U.S. and international viewers see exciting new race statistics with deeper commentary at major races, including the Indianapolis 8 Hours and the 24 Hours of Spa.