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Project Management Institute (PMI)


Mark Broome, Chief Data Officer


Project Management Institute (PMI)



Business Challenge

Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world’s leading professional association for a growing community of millions of project professionals and changemakers worldwide. To better understand its customer community and to personalize the customer experience, PMI initiated a business transformation goal to grow its influence by 10x and to transform its data and analytics strategy to deliver customer-centric, personalized digital experiences to support project managers and changemakers through their career journeys.

Analytics Solution

To solve this need, the team built an ecosystem of technologies and analytics to enable the enterprise to be a data-driven organization. A key building block of this ecosystem was the creation of a cloud-based data marketplace, which gave executives, data analysts, data scientists and citizen-analysts access to self-service analytics capabilities. Leveraging the data marketplace, the team developed a mobile-device accessible executive dashboard, which allowed management to gain deep global insights into every aspect of PMI’s business. The use of machine learning models became pervasive across the organization, allowing PMI to better understand customers and their experiences. These capabilities enabled PMI to offer digital products and content that best support the customer’s career journey.


As a result, PMI customer experiences can now be directly measured, identified and analyzed with specificity, allowing the enterprise to improve customer experiences and measure the outcomes of improvement efforts. PMI is now able to gain a 360-degree view of both the business and the worldwide community of project managers and changemakers.