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Saima Rashid, Manager, Marketing Analytics





Business Challenge

PTC, a $6 billion+ global technology provider, operates within a variety of market segments, business units and regions. Historically, marketing performance data was not consistently captured or reviewed. Ad-hoc, manual data extractions about campaign performance were often incomplete and too out-of-date to be actionable. There were disjointed definitions of the data and limited alignment between marketing and sales. Lack of accessible, accurate data to monitor campaigns resulted in a culture that did not consistently use data to drive marketing decisions.

Analytics Solution

A dedicated team was set up to be the objective, single source of truth for marketing analytics. Closed-loop tracking was implemented on all initiatives. Real-time dashboards across multiple technologies (SFDC, GA) were set up. This provided immediate insight into sales feedback and helped marketing focus on high performance activities

A global roll-out was conducted to clearly commmunicate the understanding and expectations of data usage. Each dashboard could be filtered by region, date range and campaign type to ensure the same underlying data was used by each marketer worldwide.

Full Circle Insights software was implemented to track comprehensive, granular Waterfall metrics directly in SFDC, including pre-MQL interactions, sales follow-up velocity and conversions. Sophisticated pipeline attribution models provided visibility into all marketing touchpoints for complex sales cycles associated with PTC’s products.


These changes affected a complete shift in marketing towards data-informed decision-making. By providing insights at scale, self-serve dashboards have been fully adopted by hundreds of marketing and sales users. Aggressive targets are being set and achieved. Lead generation increased twofold, year over year. Data democratization highlighted process gaps that were addressed and resulted in a 200 percent increase in marketing sourced opportunities.

Marketing’s alignment with sales has also improved: • 90 percent decrease in neglected leads • MQLs converted 63 percent faster

PTC has also built a solid foundation for more complex, predictive analytics in the year ahead.