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Juan Eduardo Riojas, Chief Data Officer




Technology Services

Business Challenge

With the problem of disparate data, Rackspace was challenged with fostering a data-driven organization. The company experienced lags in deriving insights, faced expensive legacy workloads, suffered poor data quality and lacked a single source of truth. Rackspace aimed to consolidate approximately 70 operational data stores, four data warehouses, and a data lake – all on-premises – to a modern data platform on an aggressive timeline.

Analytics Solution

To integrate its data sources, Rackspace migrated disparate data to the cloud, enabling the entire company to leverage a standardized data warehouse using Google Cloud Platform and BigQuery.


In a five-month duration, Rackspace harmonized all of its technology data onto one platform, which reduced production errors, decommissioned 20 enterprise SQL servers, consolidated 400+ dashboards into only 20, improved Net Promoter Score, reduced churn and built trust in the company’s data. The project helped to free more than $1 million that could be invested elsewhere.