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Sayf Sharif, Director of Analytics


Seer Interactive


Digital Marketing

Business Challenge

A company’s ability to segment its audience and understand its customers is crucial in the digital marketing world. Most are familiar with segmenting by gender, location, or interests through Google Analytics’ built-in reports, but these don’t always provide the insights people want and need. Living in a world of vast amounts of data, companies should no longer be confined to viewing target audiences through the lens of outdated marketing personas. The analytics challenge of today? Using the plethora of data available to build and analyze segments of target audiences that show intent, or likelihood, to convert.

Analytics Solution

Data-driven persona scoring.

Using Google Analytics custom dimensions and Google Tag Manager, the Seer Interactive analytics division creates measurement strategies for audience segmentation. The team dynamically “scores” users as they visit a website, and “buckets” them into quantitative personas. Seer records and stores “points” to that persona whenever the user does something such as land or click on specific content or hover over specific imagery. If a user completes enough actions to indicate that he or she belongs to a persona, the user is automatically placed in that segment. The team can now analyze and remarket to these specific people and dramatically improve conversions.


Through cluster analysis, Seer creates highly-focused lists of visitor cohorts, based on where they came from (attribution), what they’re doing (engagement), their location/language/interests (demographics), and more. By tracking users who fall into specific audiences, stages in the funnel, etc., campaigns reach higher value users who are more likely to take action. This type of precision remarketing can lead to massive ROI, increased average order value, and lower CPAs.

Seer’s behavior-driven audiences are also used to decide whom to exclude from targeting. Those audiences that exhibit the behaviors that are not considered high value to the business can be excluded for specific campaigns. For one of the company’s key partners, AvidXchange, an automated bill payment technology company, this approach resulted in $34,527+ annual savings in paid media spend, 9% increase in conversion rate, and 9% improvement in Adwords CPA. For another partner, remarketing conversion rates were increased 3X with new lookalike users generated that converted 2X the rate of previous users.