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Tampa General Hospital


Peter Chang, MD, Chief Medical Informatics Officer and Vice President, Care Transitions


Tampa General Hospital



Business Challenge

To continue improving hospital quality, Tampa General staff needed to easily access data frequently. The process, though, became a cumbersome and time-consuming burden on the business intelligence team. Clinical and financial questions had to be answered by custom reports – some of which could take several days to produce. The data wasn’t easily accessible, and each report would inevitably create more questions and more reports.

Analytics Solution

Tampa General implemented LogicStream’s analytics software for clinical process improvement. Through this solution, staff from information technology and clinical operations use the software’s utilization management program to stay updated on ordering and alerting trends. The approach enables the hospital to rank order sets based on how frequently they are used or not used and engages with clinicians to minimize any variability in the use of best practices.


The hospital’s integration of the software:

  • Provides answers and insights in seconds rather than days or weeks
  • Identifies and eliminates outdated order sets
  • Allows staff to examine ordering and workflow patterns and review data in near-real time, enabling them to improve lagging outcomes by implementing and managing leading process measures
  • Shows individual response rates to clinical alerts and identifies those who accept and react to alerts as well as those who ignore them, providing insight into alert engagement so alerts to prevent alert fatigue and workflow disruption can be continuously refined
  • Improves compliance with sepsis protocols, allowing clinicians to respond to alerts in a timely manner and preventing septic patients from developing severe sepsis
  • Identifies and eliminates multiple versions of Clostridium difficile, reducing its C. diff rate by 50% in one month