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Tyson Foods


Jonathan Riechert, Senior Engineer, Innovation, Corporate Engineering Group


Tyson Foods



Business Challenge

Tyson Foods produces more than 300 million pounds of hot dogs, deli meats, and smoked sausages, among other items, each year. Its operating system that had supported its facility’s human machine interface application was obsolete. The system was crashing weekly, resulting in loss of operational and compliance data. To access reliable data, Tyson required a new production system.

Analytics Solution

Tyson’s facility replaced its current production system with an integrated control and information solution, incorporating manufacturing intelligence and visualization within the technology platform. The solution provides Tyson with required visibility of and access to actionable, real-time data and improved reporting capabilities for its facility.


The technology platform has provided multiple benefits for Tyson:

  • The reporting system’s capabilities in identifying trends have saved the facility $100,000 in wastewater chemicals
  • Heightened visibility identifies inefficiencies so that operators can adjust and refine processes
  • Tyson’s alarm and events-monitoring capabilities have enabled the company to decrease maintenance response time
  • Added insight can be used to improve safety practices for facility workers