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Kerry Bianchi, President and Chief Executive Officer




SaaS/Advertising/Marketing Technology

Business Challenge

Programmatic advertising was supposed to be a game changer for the industry, with the ability to align best performance and best user experience. But this isn’t what happened. Instead, the industry ended up with a complex, murky and tangled system in which hidden technology fees and costs can eat up to half of an advertiser’s media spend even before an advertisement reaches the intended audience.

Over the course of 11+ years operating a successful advertising network, Visto saw firsthand the growing inefficiencies of the evermore complex advertising technology stack. The company invested in a development team and built the solution: the Visto™ Enterprise Advertising Hub, an innovative, vendor-agnostic platform bringing much-needed transparency, interoperability and accountability to the industry.

Analytics Solution

The company built Visto™ to give brands, agencies and media partners full visibility into all of the data from throughout their programmatic technology stack, bringing access to and control of their vendors, technologies and channels from a single dashboard.

With the flexibility, transparency and efficiency that Visto offers across execution, measurement, and analytics partners, enterprises can finally know where their media budgets are going and make adjustments based on what’s working to optimize their advertising spend


In a recent comparison against the industry’s standard manual processes, Visto’s streamlined workflow sped operations up to 92 percent. But the benefits go beyond speed. After implementing Visto, a large advertising agency realized a 44 percent increase in its working media dollars overall. Moreover, the agency could easily onboard, test and compare vendors, enabling faster and more informed decisions based on each partner’s actual performance. Additionally, the agency saw fraudulent activity fall to less than two percent overall, while viewability increased and time to set up campaigns reduced dramatically.