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The Walt Disney Company


Teddy Benson, Head of Solution Integration


The Walt Disney Company



Business Challenge

To continue prioritizing its customers and ensure that Disney World guests have the best possible visit, Disney aimed to improve the customer experience across several of its key business units. Disney’s analytics team is comprised of more than 1,000 employees plus suppliers who work on data-driven initiatives. At any organization, a network of such magnitude can be prone to delays – inevitably obstructing new initiatives due to complexities in processes and structure.

Analytics Solution

Disney has adopted an experimental mindset, tackling analytics initiatives in a similar way as a startup. The approach has developed a novel analytics culture of looking beyond analytics buzzwords to understand the true potential of analytics tools and techniques.


With such efficacy employing this mindset, Disney’s analytics teams have revolutionized the organization’s ability to deliver unparalleled customer personalization – specifically through product and service offerings. Its approach has also helped to personalize revenue management models, yielding increases in revenue.