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The Center for Business Analytics is pleased to recognize BarTrack as an honoree of the 2023 Drexel LeBow Analytics 50 Awards. Read more about how BarTrack used analytics to solve a business challenge.


Hunter Markle, Cofounder




Hospitality, Technology

Business Challenge

Significant business challenges for the hospitality industry and organizations that serve beverages on tap include beverage waste, lack of visibility into how waste occurs, and time spent taking and counting inventory. Beverage waste accounts for the loss of over 25 percent out of every keg due to foamy pours, unrung drinks and overpours — and the industry spends countless hours every week picking up kegs to estimate inventory and track it manually.

Analytics Solution

BarTrack uses analytics for its clients by collecting pour data (every time a beverage is poured)

from its patented sensors and integrating that data with the clients’ point of sales systems. The company then uses client sales data and a custom algorithm to identify pours versus sales so clients can see when, where, how and why waste is occurring. BarTrack’s data is the most granular in the industry — so a restaurant can look at a dashboard and view metrics for every beverage, the exact time waste occurred and how it occurred. Additionally, BarTrack’s analytics provide its clients with real-time inventory levels so they can see exactly how much is left in a keg, rather than needing to pick up the keg to make an estimate.


Collecting this data has enabled BarTrack to share its data across the entire ecosystem. The company is now beginning to work with various stakeholders — including beer distributors to provide them with real-time inventory and keg levels, draft beer servicing companies to provide them insight on foaming issues, and breweries and producers to enable them to identify where their beverages are being poured and if they are pouring in the proper temperature and pressure conditions. Additionally, BarTrack’s clients are seeing an additional 10 percent out of every keg.