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The Center for Business Analytics is pleased to recognize DISTRIKT as an honoree of the 2023 Drexel LeBow Analytics 50 Awards. Read more about how DISTRIKT used analytics to solve a business challenge.


Hong Xiao, Chief Innovation Officer




Data, Media, Marketing Technology

Business Challenge

DISTRIKT was brought in to consult for a scheduling software company that makes it more efficient for customers to book appointments with home service providers. The company had been in business for 11 years and hit a plateau in its growth due to its inability to analyze booking data, identify trends, align business strategies and secure repeat customers.

Analytics Solution

The challenges this company faced were due in large part to its absence of data architecture design, leaving massive gaps and inconsistencies within its database. As a result of DISTRIKT’s strategic data design and technology implementation, DISTRIKT was able to build a true data warehouse within Google BigQuery to clean, organize and further analyze the company’s data through integrations with Tableau.

This allowed DISTRIKT to enhance the capabilities of the company’s scheduling software and introduce data monetization opportunities that leverage data and paid media on behalf of home service providers.


The solutions developed by DISTRIKT resulted in new data revenue streams for the company, including new user acquisition campaign solutions for its home service provider clients (managed by DISTRIKT).

These solutions utilized the company’s data to strategically build both direct and lookalike audience segments for targeting across paid media channels (Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

In addition to home service providers paying to use the company’s scheduling software, approximately 60 percent purchased monthly advertising packages to generate quality leads. This new revenue stream did precisely that, while increasing the company’s consumer database and attracting potential buyers.

Though the company has not yet been acquired, it has received multiple offers.