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The Center for Business Analytics is pleased to recognize FourFront as an honoree of the 2023 Drexel LeBow Analytics 50 Awards. Read more about how FourFront used analytics to solve a business challenge.


Bob Scavilla, Partner and Chief Executive Officer




Digital Marketing and Technology

Business Challenge

FourFront’s multilocation client MobilityWorks wanted to assess the effectiveness of its advertising campaigns and determine how far customers were willing to travel to buy a wheelchair van. Historically, the company’s campaigns were set to target up to 100 miles from each store location. The challenge was determining whether Google Ads reached the company’s target audience within a suitable distance from its physical locations. As MobilityWorks’ data partner, FourFront was tasked to validate or debunk this assumption.

Analytics Solution

FourFront developed a tool called GeoReport+ that enriches Google Analytics data with precise geographic location and zip code information. The tool also calculates the distance of each user session from the nearest store. Analysis of the enriched data revealed that user conversion likelihood varied by location and depended on whether the store was in a rural or urban area. To address this variability, FourFront provided the capability to define an ideal target radius for each store based on population density. Using the target radius, the tool segments each user as either “in range” or “out of range” to accurately quantify and assess the traffic quality.


GeoReport+ data allowed MobilityWorks to optimize its ad campaigns for better targeting and improve the ROI on the company’s spend. The enriched data is also used to identify expansion opportunities, measure various trends and improve the targeting of the company’s emerging e-commerce offering for underserviced areas. This solution emphasizes the importance of using data and analytics in making informed marketing decisions to optimize ROI. As a result of the impact GeoReport+ had on its business, MobilityWorks continually calls upon the FourFront team for additional data insights to inform marketing and various other aspects of business operations. For example, FourFront is often asked to analyze the potential benefits of new acquisitions from a data point of view.