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The Center for Business Analytics is pleased to recognize NeuroFlow as an honoree of the 2023 Drexel LeBow Analytics 50 Awards. Read more about how NeuroFlow used analytics to solve a business challenge.


Bill Lynch, Senior Director of Data Science and Analytics




Digital Health

Business Challenge

The nation’s mental health crisis has driven demand for behavioral health support and services to an all-time high. Meanwhile, the supply of health care providers and specialists remains alarmingly low, leading to long patient wait times, poor clinical outcomes and higher health care costs. Hospitals and health systems are actively seeking data-driven solutions to bridge this gap in care to help facilitate remote screening for behavioral health and triage individuals to the right level of care.

Analytics Solution

Combining remote assessment data and other validated metrics, the data team at Philadelphia-based health tech company NeuroFlow has created a proprietary severity score to develop a baseline for individuals and triage them accordingly. Patient-reported and passive data were collected from 3,000 users to develop and train an AI algorithm that demonstrated a strong correlation between the severity score and PHQ-9 and GAD-7 scores. Acuity levels calculated by NeuroFlow’s severity score had statistically significant correlations with expert panel clinical assessments of patient records. The severity score is capable of identifying at-risk individuals whom a PHQ-9 may miss during standard treatment, as it incorporates additional data such as mood scoring, journals and other patient-submitted health information.


Leading organizations utilize the NeuroFlow severity score to properly risk stratify individuals and ultimately help get the right people to the right level of care. For example, Jefferson Health reported a 34 percent reduction in emergency department utilization thanks to the NeuroFlow platform, and Prudential was able to identify 19 percent of claimants with a physical disability who used NeuroFlow had previously unidentified mental wellness needs. The NeuroFlow severity score showcases the impact that thoughtful data-driven solutions can have on supporting care providers and driving innovation for the health care system.