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LeBow Faculty Hall of Fame

Lebow Faculty Hall of Fame Reception

The Drexel LeBow Faculty Hall of Fame was founded in 2015 and honors professors for a lifetime of achievement in teaching and academic excellence. New members are recognized in a commemorative installation on the seventh floor of Gerri C. LeBow Hall with plaques noting their years of service for their demonstrated dedication, loyalty and lasting impact on students.

2024 Inductees

Jeffrey H. Greenhaus and Vibhas Madan

Jeffrey H. Greenhaus, PhD

Years of Service: 1981-2017
Department: Emeritus Professor of Management

Dr. Greenhaus’s research focuses on work-family relationships and career dynamics. A Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and the Association for Psychological Science (APS), he is a recipient of the Sage Scholarship Award for Excellence in Research on Gender and Diversity and the Academy of Management’s Careers Division’s Everett Cherrington Hughes Award for Careers Scholarship. Dr. Greenhaus is the author of numerous journal articles, chapters and books, including most recently “Career Management for Life” with Gerry Callanan and Ronnie Godshalk, now in its fifth edition (Routledge, 2019), “Making Work and Family Work: From Hard Choices to Smart Choices” with Gary Powell (Routledge, 2017) and “Advanced Introduction to Sustainable Careers with Gerry Callanan” (Elgar, 2022).

Joan L. Weiner and Vibhas Madan

Joan L. Weiner, PhD

Years of Service: 1978-2020
Department: Emeritus Professor of Management

Trained in social systems sciences, Dr. Weiner worked in an interdisciplinary research group focusing on issues of ethics and challenges in health management practices. The teaching/learning process has also been an important part of her work, including the impact of technology, and she currently is working with Global Movement Initiative on issues of sustainability and the need to change the current models of business education. Dr. Weiner is an active fellow and past president of several academic organizations and co-director of another. She has long been an advocate for direct student involvement in design initiatives. Still thriving, in 1986 she co-founded a small conference that focuses on innovation and experiential learning.

Faculty Hall of Fame Members

(listed in order of start date)

  • Ronald A. Anderson, PhD
    Years of service: 1946-2004
    Department: Business Law

  • Joseph F. Ford ’41
    Years of service: 1947-1999
    Department: Accounting

  • Russell U. McLaughlin, PhD
    Years of service: 1948-1991
    Department: Economics

  • An-Min Chung, PhD
    Years of service: 1952-1992
    Department: Management

  • Helen E. Bertas, Esq. ’42
    Years of service: 1960-1991
    Department: Legal Studies

  • John Savchak
    Years of service: 1964-1995
    Department: Accounting

  • Milton Silver, PhD
    Years of service: 1965-2010
    Department: Management

  • Andrew G. Verzilli, PhD
    Years of service: 1966-2002
    Department: Economics

  • John J. Clark, PhD
    Years of service: 1969-1990
    Department: Finance

  • Paul E. Dascher, PhD
    Years of service: 1973-1993
    Department: Accounting

  • Rolph E. Anderson, PhD
    Years of service: 1975-2021
    Department: Marketing

  • Joan L. Weiner, PhD
    Years of service: 1978-2020
    Department: Management

  • Jeffrey H. Greenhaus, PhD
    Years of service: 1981-2017
    Department: Management

  • Steve M. Bajgier, PhD
    Years of service: 1983-1999
    Department: Decision Sciences

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