Area High School Students Set Up Camp at Drexel’s LeBow College of Business

This summer, more than 150 high school students from the Delaware Valley region are trading their sunglasses and beach towels for laptops and calculators for one week to participate in Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business Camp LeBow, four camps offered in three sessions from June 19 to 23; July 10 to July 20; and July 24 to August 3 at Drexel’s Main Campus.

Designed for high ability high school students, Camp LeBow provides an introduction to business education and offers the opportunity to maximize and develop the business and leadership skills sought after by employers and college admissions officers.

The four camps — Camp Business, Camp Impact, StartUp!, Camp Xchange — stress leadership, teamwork, initiative, and effective communication. Participants’ skill levels are put to the test in competitions in securities trading, new product development, marketing, and business simulations. Winners receive Laptops or iPods. All participants receive a certification of completion.

Camp Business - The Learning Journey (July 10 – July 20 or July 24 – August 3) LeBow College’s Camp Business in partnership with Commerce Bank offers students interaction with area executives and researchers who provide valuable insight into the job market and the economy. Students will go behind-the-scenes to look at the banking industry with Commerce Bank officials. At the completion of the week, students will compete to win in a simulated business environment and present results to a panel of judges.

Startup! - An Expedition in the True Spirit of Young Entrepreneurship (June 19-23) Bill Gates. Oprah Winfrey. Mark Cuban. Entrepreneurs are the rock stars of the business world. They have the vision and the skill to turn inspiration into innovative companies that create jobs and change the world. Sutdents examine the skills required to launch any new business during Startup!, sponsored by LeBow College of Business Laurence A. Baiada Center for Entrepreneurship in Technology. Students will develop “business plans” for next-generation Tasty Baking Co. products and will tour the company to develop ideas for those products.

Camp Impact - Discover the Art of Making your Message Matter (June 19-23) No one can read minds, but good marketers come close by tailoring their company’s message to maintain strong relationships with customers. Students will learn about the most innovative marketing techniques in use today, including viral, stealth and guerilla marketing with Camp Impact, created in collaboration with LeBow College’s Marketing Department. At the camp’s conclusion, students will take products from concept to launch in an ad campaign simulation contest.

Camp Xchange - Journey into the High-Stakes World of Securities Trading (June 19-23) Students will try their hand at buying and selling stocks in LeBow College’s new electronic trading lab with Camp XChange, developed in partnership LeBow’s Finance Department. They will visit the Philadelphia Stock Exchange and the trading operations of one of the region’s leading financial firms, Susquehanna International Group, to learn how breaking news and traders’ actions move the market.