CCG Fellow and Associate Professor of Finance Eliezer Fich featured in CNBC Guest Blog

Eliezer Fich, associate professor of finance at LeBow College of Business, wrote an article for CNBC on findings outlined by his research paper co-authored with Jie Cai, an assistant professor of finance at LeBow College, and Anh Tran, entitled “Stock Option Grants to Target CEOs During Private Merger Negotiations.”
“My co-authors and I were baffled to discover that target CEOs, such as Marvel’s Perlmutter, are not technically in violation of Sections 10(b) and/or 16(b) of the 1934 Securities Act which penalize insider trading,” Fich writes. “Specifically, these laws state that ‘any person purchasing or selling a security while in possession of material, nonpublic information shall be liable in an action in any court of competent jurisdiction…’.”