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BRIDGE Freshmen Embody Holiday Generosity


December 16, 2014

Each year, LeBow BRIDGE freshmen culminate their Civics 101 course by raising money to donate towards a cause during the holiday season. This year’s class successfully raised $300 through a bake sale to purchase toys and books that were then donated to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The BRIDGE program, which takes its name from the acronym for “Building Relationships in Diverse Group Experiences,” is centered on these types of collaborative learning opportunities. Led by freshman co-chairs Shania Smith and Marc Patterson, the students sold baked goods from a table in the lobby of Gerri C. LeBow Hall. The success of the single day sale is a testament to the LeBow community’s holiday season generosity (and abiding love of baked goods). “It was an extremely rewarding experience, and we appreciate how much people were willing to chip in towards our bake sale,” explains Shania, an international business major.

While meeting the fundraising challenge and working together as a team were certainly positive aspects of completing the Civics 101 project, to Marc it was ultimately the chance to give back during the holiday season that was most important. “I feel a huge sense of gratification knowing that BRIDGE put some smiles on the faces of kids going through health-related challenges.”

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