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Kerri Hettel

Data “at the Core” of Razorfish Health

April 12, 2016

Keri Hettel, VP, Analytics, and Mike Sarnoski, Senior Business Analyst, visited LeBow to discuss their use of predictive analytics to make smarter business decisions at Razorfish Health, a full-service global agency dedicated to health and wellness.

As part of the health-focused arm of the Razorfish digital agency, Hettel and her team pride themselves on the ability to get to know their customers. Using data to determine how patients access messages related to their care, Razorfish Health works to build an impactful patientjourney and to drive the type of experience created for their customers. “Data is really at the core of everything we do as an agency,” Hettel said.

Along with digitalization and data explosion, a concept coined by Razorfish Health as “the empowered patient” is one that strongly shapes the agency’s business. “With the proliferation and use of social channels and conversation and the ability to get anything you want online, patients are able to seek their own information,” said Hettel. Although the patients’ approach offers information retrieval at their fingertips, the challenge of discerning credible material from that which is misleading or inaccurate remains.

For Razorfish Health, it’s a matter of identifying the best approach to better inform patients and to allow them to visualize their health information in a way that’s accessible and helpful in their experience. “It’s important for us to think about the conversations that patients are having,” said Hettel. “The intersection of data and technology impacts the way we communicate with our customers.”