Faculty Research News - Summer 2009

Dr. Erik Benrud’s paper “Competition Between High and Low Accuracy Trading Platforms,” was accepted for publication in the Journal of Trading. He also served as the opening keynote speaker at the Alternative Investing Forum last spring.


Dr. Thomas C. Chiang, Marshall M. Austin Professor of Finance, coauthored an article with Z. Qiao and W.K. Wong, “New Evidence on the Relation between Return Volatility and Trading Volume,” to be published in the Journal of Forecasting, 2009, forthcoming.


Dr. Shawkat Hammoudeh, professor of economics and international business, organized and chaired the session “Commodities and the Macroeconomy” at the 84th Western Economic Association International Conference, held in Vancouver, Canada. He also presented in the same session the papers “Precious Metal-Exchange Rate Volatility Transmissions and Hedging Strategies” and “Commodity and Relevant Macro-Financial Variables: Empirical Analysis of Dynamic Causal Relationship in a Regime Switching Environment.”


Dr. Bert Rosenbloom, Rauth Chair Professor of Marketing Management, and Dr. Trina Larsen Andras, professor and marketing and head of the Marketing Department, served as a track chairs in the area of marketing channels and distribution systems for three annual conferences: The Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference, Baltimore (May 2009) - “Channel Activities and Processes”; World Marketing Congress Oslo, Norway (July 2009) - “Wholesale Distribution and Supply Chain Management”; IMD A World Business Congress Tbilisi, Georgia (July 2009) - “Marketing Channels and Distribution Systems in the Global Environment.” They also presented “The Wholesaler’s Role in Global Distribution” at the panel session “The Role of Wholesaling Intermediaries in Global Marketing Channels” at the Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress in Oslo, Norway, from July 22 to 25, 2009. Dr. Larson also served as a session chair for the session “Design and Choice in the Supply Chain” at the same conference.


Dr. Elliot Schreiber, executive director of the Center for Corporate Reputation Management and a clinical professor of marketing, gave a presentation at the Conference Board meeting in New York, May 15, entitled “Reputation Management in the Era of Social Media.”