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Students, professors, and staff gather to discuss health care research

How Drexel Professors are Looking to Change the Future of Health Care


February 14, 2019

Five Drexel professors are banding together to use business research to transform the healthcare industry. Though research regarding the healthcare sector is not new to LeBow, these professors believe stepping out of their silos and collaborating around these topics can be the catalyst for larger impact across the field.

Moderated by Brad Sodowick, assistant clinical professor of finance, the symposium, “A Collaborative Perspective on Healthcare Research Activities and Opportunities at LeBow,” featured presentations from Lauren D’Innocenzo, PhD, assistant professor of management; Michael Howley, PA-C, PhD, clinical professor of marketing; Mark Stehr, PhD, interim director of the School of Economics and associate professor of economics; and Muge Capan, PhD, associate clinical professor of decision sciences and MIS.

Each professor showcased their past and current healthcare research, methodologies and key findings that could lead to future research opportunities. Ranging from examining optimal crew configurations and improving health care performance to understanding the effects of contracts that offer incentives to exercise, the possibilities for collaborating on research projects with dynamic teams at the graduate and undergraduate levels seems promising.

The professors were also looking for ways to work with the local healthcare industry, going beyond research to examine consulting opportunities as well. “The question we felt was really important to ask was, ’Can this research be translated into work that can become a revenue stream or consulting work through the Drexel Business Solutions Institute?” said Sodowick. “We’re looking at it from a teaching perspective, a research perspective and a business development perspective to see how we could tie in all the aspects that make this institution great.”

Sodowick says the symposium was just the beginning, noting that health care is a field that can be explored from a variety of angles, “There is a critical mass of people at Drexel with enough interest,” said Sodowick. “It’s just a matter of next steps.”

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