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LeBow to Launch Winter Social Media Campaign

November 07, 2011

Social media isn’t about building numbers; it’s about building relationships. As LeBow prepares to build a new home on Market Street, we have seen an unprecedented amount of genuine engagement on all of our social media channels. We’ve read the dialogues, sounded off on your discussions and appreciated all of the pictures, e-mails and encouragement. We may not have our building yet, but it is clear that we have one of the strongest networks in town.
So, now it is time to up the ante.
After a summer Facebook contest that coalesced the LeBow community around the unlikeliest of fashion accessories — a campaign that received video support through YouTube and sustained extraordinary momentum with a little help from our friends via Twitter — LeBow is now working day and night to launch a new social media campaign this winter that will center on … you.
As the temperature drops, keep your eyes peeled and your browser refreshed. Our Winter Social Media Campaign may just make you a star.

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