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LeBow Students Visit Shanghai, Return with Valuable Business Insights

March 28, 2012

A group of 26 LeBow students, including 25 One-Year MBA students and one Sacramento MBA student, have returned from an international residency in Shanghai, China. They were joined by Program Managers Mark Dierkes and Liz Pelberg-Schariter, as well as Associate Professor of Finance Jie Cai, Ph.D.

The week began with cultural tours of Shanghai, followed by a meeting with North Highland Consulting, which framed the processes by which U.S. companies enter the Chinese Market. Throughout the week, students were able to actively observe other companies by asking multi-level questions based on their own business experience.   

“In one week students not only get to experience Shanghai, but they are also exposed to a large array of companies and business people that are integral to the Chinese market,” Program Manager Megan S. Gray said. “This trip will leave a long-lasting impression on the students — something they will hopefully never forget.”

Through a partnership with the Pennsylvania Center in Shanghai, under a sponsorship with the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, the group had the opportunity to visit the Shanghai Disney Resort, Wells Fargo, Lutron Electronics and Xanadu Enterprise. Additional company visits were made to Totole Foods, North Highland Consulting and the Jiaxing Duoling Garments Co.(manufacturers for Abercrombie & Fitch, Lee, Gap, Target, JC Penny, Benetton and Espirit), which is owned by Felix Lu, a part-time MBA student from Fudan University who studied at LeBow last fall.

Students also visited Fudan University where they reconnected with other MBA students from Fudan who studied at LeBow for a lecture titled “Doing Business in China.”  

Adding experiential insight to instruction, students had the opportunity to speak with Ying Tao, restaurateur and part-time MBA student who was among LeBow’s study abroad students in the fall. Tao hosted the group’s farewell dinner at G Waterfront, the Shanghai location for her chain of Indian restaurants — the first high-end franchise of Indian eateries in China.

“What an experience,” Program Manager Mark Dierkes said. “This international residency provided our students a learning opportunity that cannot be taught in a classroom or textbook. Students spoke face-to-face with successful business leaders and learned first-hand about Chinese culture and commerce.”

Pictures and commentary from the trip have been posted on, LeBow’s Tumblr blog devoted to experiential education.

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