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Marketing Professor Pens Eighth Edition of Textbook

February 08, 2012

Bert Rosenbloom, Ph.D., the Rauth Chair Professor of Marketing Management, recently penned the eighth edition of Marketing Channels: A Management View. Rosenbloom first wrote the text in 1978 and has updated the tome every four years since. The book is now translated in several languages and is available around the world.  

The text provides a management focus and managerial framework to the field of marketing channels. This latest edition was revised to include the most current marketing channels such as green and sustainable channels, social media sites, online and mobile smart phone applications and other e-commerce channels.

“This book has been such a labor of love for me,” Rosenbloom says. “It takes a long time to write and edit but it put so much information in an organized distilled framework so it’s easy to navigate. I wrote it from a managerial perspective for upperclassmen undergraduate and graduate students. There are also many industry executives who refer to it since it offers theoretical and academic research, trend and best practices as it relates to marketing channels, in addition to many practical examples in the area of services, business-to business and integrated channels.”

In addition to his extensive research practice, Rosenbloom is currently teaching two courses at LeBow: Marketing Channels and Distribution Systems (324) and Marketing Management: Cases and Problems (650).

Published by South-Western, Cengage Learning, the textbook is available at booksellers around the world, digitally at or online at For further information about the book, contact Rosenbloom at

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