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MBA Student Works to Brighten City’s Future

August 09, 2011

MBA student Andrew Kennedy may soon be able to boast that he has made Philadelphia a greener place.


He recently worked alongside Philadelphia City Councilman James F. Kenney and Solar States, a Philadelphia-based solar development company that he consults for, to help develop a piece of legislation that would create a solar loan fund to assist with financing solar installations in the City of Philadelphia.


Kennedy says his role was to ensure that the legislation would be a win-win situation for solar energy and for Philadelphia. “The goal was to make it cost neutral to the city while decreasing the costs to develop solar technology in Philadelphia.”


Kennedy credits Drexel networking for the opportunity. “During the Liquidnet Impact Challenge, my teammate, David Stern-Gottfried, and I began talking passionately about solar energy.  Dave was consulting with Solar States at the time and had just been asked if he knew anyone interested in finance.  That someone became me.  It is amazing how many opportunities come your way just by talking to fellow Drexel students.”


Kennedy says Solar States’ business plan is a wonderful concept that has great potential to usher in the age of Green Energy. “It has been a wonderful experience working with Councilman Kenney and with Solar State’s Micah Gold-Markel.”


Learn more about Solar States and the legislation.

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