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Students presenting products at the Generative AI Student Expo

Personalized Teaching Assistants, Enhanced Job Search Experience Highlight First Generative AI Student Expo


June 05, 2024

From AI-powered tutors to customized class schedule builders and auto-personalized career guidance: Can artificial intelligence be a game changer for campus life?

Thirteen teams of undergraduate students from across Drexel University sought to answer this question, and they took over Gerri C. LeBow Hall’s Grand Meeting Room and Rose Terrace to present their ideas in the inaugural Generative AI LeBow Student Expo.

Team presents their product at the Generative AI Expo.
Student teams presented 13 products at the inaugural expo.

The science fair-like atmosphere featured original products that aim to use Generative AI — artificial intelligence capable of generating text, images, videos, audio or other data — to help elevate the Drexel student experience, with two groups winning cash prizes based on the innovation and impact their ideas display.

Stacy Kline, CPA, LeBow’s assistant dean for teaching and learning, organized the event in response to Generative AI’s potential for transformative change in teaching and learning.

“This Expo was designed to help our students prepare to enter a future workforce enabled by AI, and we asked them to present how genAI could enhance the student experience and impact business, education, and society,” she said. “They prepared and presented some amazing projects and demonstrations with very creative ideas.”

"ClassCut" presents its product.
"ClassCut" won the Innovation Award for its tools to equip professors.

A four-person team with students from LeBow, the Close School of Entrepreneurship and the College of Computing and Informatics won the Innovation Award for “ClassCut,” which equips professors with AI tools to engage students. These tools include uploading lectures to generate concise highlight clips or providing a personal AI teaching assistant trained on specific class materials.

The team is comprised of Elie Bibliowicz, behavioral economics ‘27; Anthony D’Angelo, entrepreneurship and innovation ’28; Naman Bajpai, computer science ’28; and Muhammad Rashid, computer science ’27.

They argued this innovation is essential for today’s students, who are accustomed to short-form content and social media, making traditional learning retention challenging.

Students present "Dragon Co-op advisor" project.
"Dragon Co-op Advisor" won the Impact Award for its AI-enhanced job search.

Close School students Thomas Kelly, corporate entrepreneurship and innovation ’24; and Cameron Phillips, corporate entrepreneurship and innovation ’24, won the Impact Award for their project, “Dragon Co-op Advisor.”

The duo pitched an addition to Drexel’s co-op search interface that would enhance the overall experience with new features like tailored resumes for varying positions.

They argued the current co-op search system lacks the user interface, personalization and tools to maximize student experience, and that this upgrade would not just benefit students, but also employers.

Earning honorable mentions were LeBow students Chance Blanchard, finance ’27, and Vraj Sheth, economics and data science ’28, who pitched an AI interview simulation with their project “Job Interview GPT”; and Jasmine Wang, business and engineering ’28, who aimed to entice more accepted students to attend Drexel through AI-driven communications efforts in her project “Increasing Yield Rate with Personalized Marketing.”

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