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Six LeBow Alumni Recognized in Drexel’s 40 Under 40


April 24, 2023

Six LeBow alumni were named to Drexel Magazine’s 40 Under 40 for 2023, and there’s passion and dedication guiding the paths that each of them have taken since graduating, whether they came to LeBow for a bachelor’s degree, an MBA, an MS or even a dual degree.

In their chosen fields, which range from banking and finance to data analytics and extend beyond business to include educational counseling and fundraising in the nonprofit sector, these alumni have set out to make an impact in the world. As they all attest in the spring edition of Drexel Magazine, their experiences at LeBow and at Drexel paved the way for them to achieve this.

You’ll find below a selection of quotes from each of these six alumni, along with a link to their full profiles on

Blake Bostick, BS business and engineering ’13
Blake Bostick, BS business and engineering ’13, captain, evaluator pilot, operations officer, U.S. Air Force “Drexel thrives in hard skill instruction, like many other universities, but gaining and refining soft skills prepared me most for my time as a service member.”
Ryan Harrington, MS business analytics ’18

Ryan Harrington, MS business analytics ’18, director, strategy and operations, Data Innovation Lab, Tech Impact

“I entered Drexel at an inflection point in my career. I had a vision of how I could use data to impact the world but needed to grow my technical skillset to put that vision into action. Drexel provided those skills via the Master’s in Business Analytics program and gave me the tools that I needed to begin building that vision.”

Valerie Johnson, BS/MBA ’10

Valerie Johnson, BS/MBA ’10, vice president of advancement and special projects, Pathways to Housing

“As the ones representing nonprofits that are serving largely people of color, we need to be very mindful of those differences in who it is we’re serving, and who it is we’re asking for money. We need to encourage more diverse voices to join the fundraising table and become a part of that conversation.”

Noelle St. Clair Lentz, MBA ’19

Noelle St. Clair Lentz, MBA ’19, CEO and managing director, Allivate Impact Capital

“I get motivated by seeing neighborhoods transformed in ways that create quality jobs and provide affordable housing and access to health care and healthy food. All this can have a multi-generational impact: We’re breaking cycles of poverty.”

Michael Spina, BSBA finance ’17

Michael Spina, BSBA finance ’17, associate, debt capital markets, Academy Securities

“I’d like to see more employers understand the value in hiring veterans, allowing those who have not taken a traditional career pathway to have the same or better access to high-quality careers as those that haven’t served.”

Stacey Rose, BSBA ’08

Stacey Rose, BSBA ’08, founder, Pearbond

“My time at Drexel taught me to make sure that whatever I was doing was a quality effort that made sense for the people I was serving.”

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