Cassidy Buhler

Headshot of Cassidy Buhler

Research Interests

  • Large-Scale Optimization
  • Mathematical Programming
  • Mixed-Integer Programming
  • Nonlinear Optimization
  • Portfolio Optimization


Ph.D. Business Analytics (2024 expected)
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

B.S. Mathematics (2019)
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT


Buhler C. K., Benson H. Y. (in preparation) Sparse Portfolio Optimization

Buhler C. K., Link K. G., Terry R. S., Adler F. R. (in preparation) Do models matter? Establishing the conditions for adaptive therapy to control growth and delay emergence of resistance in cancer

Teaching Experience

MIS 200: Management Information Systems – Fall 2020, Fall 2019 – Recitation Instructor
OPR 320: Linear Models for Decision Making – Summer 2020 – Teaching Assistant
STAT 205: Statistical Inference I – Spring 2020 – Teaching Assistant
STAT 202: Business Statistics II – Spring 2020 – Teaching Assistant
OPM 200: Operations Management – Spring 2020 – Teaching Assistant
STAT 201: Intro to Business Statistics – Spring 2020, Winter 2019 – Teaching Assistant


Undergraduate Research Scholar Designation, University of Utah (2019)