Daan van Knippenberg, PhD

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Selected Works


van Knippenberg, Daan, and Dwertmann, David J. G., Interacting elements of leadership: Key to integration but looking for integrative theory. Journal of Management (Forthcoming)

van Knippenberg, Daan, and Van Ginkel, Wendy P., A diversity mindset perspective on inclusive leadership. Group and Organization Management (Forthcoming)

Ates, Nufer Y, Tarakci, Murat, Porck, Jeanine P, van Knippenberg, Daan, and Groenen, Patrick JF, The dark side of visionary leadership in strategy implementation: Strategic alignment, strategic consensus and commitment. Journal of Management 46 (Spring 2020): 637-665.

Porck, Jeanine P, van Knippenberg, Daan, Tarakci, Murat, Ates, Nufer Y, Groenen, Patrick JF, and De Haas, Marco, Do group and organizational identification help or hurt intergroup strategic consensus?. Journal of Management 46 (Winter 2020): 234-260.

Cronin, Matthew A., Stouten, Jeroen, and van Knippenberg, Daan, Why theory on “how theory fits together” benefits management scholarship. Academy of Management Review 47 (Apr 2022): 333-337.

Cronin, Matthew A., Stouten, Jeroen, and van Knippenberg, Daan, The theory crisis in management research: Solving the right problem. Academy of Management Review 46 (Oct 2021): 667-683.

Li, Jia, and van Knippenberg, Daan, The team causes and consequences of team membership change: A temporal perspective. Academy of Management Annals 15 (Sep 2021): 577-606.

Litchfield, Robert, Hirst, Giles, and van Knippenberg, Daan, Professional network identification: Searching for stability in transient knowledge work. Academy of Management Review 46 (Apr 2021): 320-340.

Dwertmann, David J. G., and van Knippenberg, Daan, Capturing the state of the science to change the state of the science: A categorization approach to integrative reviews. Journal of Organizational Behavior 42 (Feb 2021): 104-117.

Steffens, Nik K., Munt, Katie A., van Knippenberg, Daan, Platow, Michael J., and Haslam, S. Alexander, Advancing the social identity theory of leadership: A meta-analytic review of leader group prototypicality. Organizational Psychology Review 11 (Feb 2021): 35-72.

van Knippenberg, Daan, and Hirst, Giles, A motivational lens model of person x situation interactions in employee creativity. Journal of Applied Psychology 105 (Oct 2020): 1129-1144.

van Knippenberg, Daan, Meaning-based leadership. Organizational Psychology Review 10 (Feb 2020): 6-28.

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Acar, Oguz, Tarakci, Murat, and van Knippenberg, Daan, Creativity and innovation under contraints: A cross-disciplinary integrative review. Journal of Management 45 (Jan 2019): 96-121.

Hoever, Inga J, Zhou, Jing, and van Knippenberg, Daan, Different strokes for different teams: The contingent effects of positive and negative feedback on the creativity of informationally homogeneous and diverse teams. Academy of Management Journal 61 (Dec 2018): 2159-2181.

Stam, Daan, van Knippenberg, Daan, Wisse, Barbara, and Nederveen Pieterse, Anne, Motivation in words: Promotion- and prevention-oriented leader communication in times of crisis. Journal of Management 44 (Sep 2018): 2859-2887.

Van Bunderen, Lisanne, Greer, Lindred L, and van Knippenberg, Daan, When inter-team conflict spirals into intra-team power struggles: The pivotal role of team power structure. Academy of Management Journal 61 (Jun 2018): 1100-1130.

Hirst, Giles, van Knippenberg, Daan, Zhou, Qin, Zhu, Cherrie J, and Tsai, Philip CF, Exploitation and exploration climates’ influence on performance and creativity: Diminishing returns as function of self-efficacy. Journal of Management 44 (Mar 2018): 870-981.

Samba, Codou, van Knippenberg, Daan, and Miller, Chet C, The impact of strategic dissent on organizational outcomes: A meta-analytic integration. Strategic Management Journal 39 (Feb 2018): 379-402.

Mathieu, John E, Hollenbeck, John R, van Knippenberg, Daan, and Ilgen, Daniel R, A century of work groups in the Journal of Applied Psychology. Journal of Applied Psychology 102 (Mar 2017): 452-467.

van Knippenberg, Daan, Team innovation. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior 4 (Mar 2017): 211-233.

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Academy of Management Annals – Member (2019–Present)
Academy of Management Journal – Member (2018–Present)
Academy of Management Review – Member (2018–Present)
Administrative Science Quartrerly – Member (2018–Present)
British Journal of Management – Member (2018–Present)
Group Processes & Intergroup Relations – Member (2018–Present)
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Journal of Leadership and Organization Studies – Senior Editor (2018–Present)
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Leadership Quarterly – Member (2018–Present)
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Academy of Management Annals – Editor (2017–2018)
Academy of Management Journal – Advisory Board Member (2017)
Administrative Science Quartrerly – Advisory Board Member (2017)
Journal of Applied Psychology – Advisory Board Member (2017)
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes – Advisory Board Member (2017)


PhD Psychology - Leiden University Netherlands 1993

Media Mentions

Research: To Get People to Embrace Change, Emphasize What Will Stay the Same

via Harvard Business Review

Academic Director of the Institute for Strategic Leadership Daan van Knippenberg shares recent research findings on managing change in organizations.

College News

New research by Daan van Knippenberg, PhD, Joseph F. Rocereto Professor of Management, examines how two leadership styles combine to improve job performance.

One of the world’s most cited researchers on leadership in business joined LeBow this summer. He will be teaching MBA, EMBA and DBA courses.