Matthew Reindorp

Matthew Reindorp

Areas of Expertise

  • Real options
  • Simulation
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Supply Chain Management

Selected Works


Reindorp, Matthew, Tanrisever, F., and Lange, A., Purchase Order Financing: Credit, Commitment, and Supply Chain Consequences. Operations Research (Forthcoming)

Van Der Vliet, Kasper, Reindorp, Matthew, and Fransoo, Jan, The Price of Reverse Factoring. European Journal of Operational Research 242 (May 2015): 842-853.

Dello Iacono, U., Reindorp, Matthew, and Dellaert, N., Market Adoption of Reverse Factoring. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management 45 (Mar 2015): 286-308.

Gopal, A., Goyal, M., Netessine, S., and Reindorp, Matthew, Impact of New Product Introduction on Plant Productivity in the North American Automotive Industry. Management Science 59 (Oct 2013): 2217-2236.

Reindorp, Matthew, and Fu, M., Capital Renewal as a Real Option. European Journal of Operational Research 214 (Oct 2011): 109-117.


Tanrisever, Fehmi, Van Bergen, Matthijs, and Reindorp, Matthew, “Purchase Order Finance: A Conceptual Model with Economic Insights.” Foundations and Trends in Technology, Information and Operations Management: Vol. 10: No. 3-4, Boston: now publishers inc., (2017): 305-323.


Reindorp, Matthew, and Fu, M., Dynamic Lead Time Promising, IEEE Symposium on Adaptive Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning Jan 2011. (Jun 2011):


BA Mathematics - Reed College Portland, OR USA 1998
MBA - Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA USA 2002
PhD Management Science - University of Maryland College Park, MD USA 2009