Matthew Reindorp

Matthew Reindorp

Areas of Expertise

  • Real options
  • Simulation
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Supply Chain Management

Selected Works


Van Bergen, Matthijs, Steeman, Michiel, Reindorp, Matthew, and Gelsomino, Luca, Supply Chain Finance Schemes in the Procurement of Agricultural Products. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management (Forthcoming)

Reindorp, Matthew, Tanrisever, F., and Lange, A., Purchase Order Financing: Credit, Commitment, and Supply Chain Consequences. Operations Research 66 (Sep 2018): 1287-1303.

Van Der Vliet, Kasper, Reindorp, Matthew, and Fransoo, Jan, The Price of Reverse Factoring. European Journal of Operational Research 242 (May 2015): 842-853.

Dello Iacono, U., Reindorp, Matthew, and Dellaert, N., Market Adoption of Reverse Factoring. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management 45 (Mar 2015): 286-308.

Gopal, A., Goyal, M., Netessine, S., and Reindorp, Matthew, Impact of New Product Introduction on Plant Productivity in the North American Automotive Industry. Management Science 59 (Oct 2013): 2217-2236.

Reindorp, Matthew, and Fu, M., Capital Renewal as a Real Option. European Journal of Operational Research 214 (Oct 2011): 109-117.


Tanrisever, Fehmi, Van Bergen, Matthijs, and Reindorp, Matthew, “Purchase Order Finance: A Conceptual Model with Economic Insights.” Foundations and Trends in Technology, Information and Operations Management: Vol. 10: No. 3-4, Boston: now publishers inc., (2017): 305-323.


Reindorp, Matthew, and Fu, M., Dynamic Lead Time Promising, IEEE Symposium on Adaptive Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning Jan 2011. (Jun 2011):


BA Mathematics - Reed College Portland, OR USA 1998
MBA - Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA USA 2002
PhD Management Science - University of Maryland College Park, MD USA 2009