Naveen Daniel, PhD

Candid photo of Naveen Daniel

Areas of Expertise

  • Board of Directors
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Executive Compensation

Selected Works


Daniel, Naveen, Symmetry in Pay for Luck. Review of Financial Studies 33 (Jul 2020): 3174-3204.

Daniel, Naveen, Coles, Jeff, and Naveen, Lalitha, Co-opted boards. Review of Financial Studies 27 (Jun 2014): 1751-1796.

Daniel, Naveen, Agarwal, Vikas, and Naik, Narayan, Do hedge funds manage their reported returns?. Review of Financial Studies 24 (Oct 2011): 3281-3320.

Daniel, Naveen, Naik, Narayan, and Agarwal, Vikas, Role of managerial incentives and discretion in hedge fund performance. Journal of Finance 64 (Oct 2009): 2221-2256.

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Daniel, Naveen, Naveen, Lalitha, and Coles, Jeff, Managerial incentives and risk-taking. Journal of Financial Economics 79 (Feb 2006): 431-468.


BE Chemical Engineering - Anna University India 1990
MBA Finance - Bharathidasan Institute of Management India 1993
PhD Finance - Arizona State University USA 2001