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Samuel Szewczyk, PhD

Associate Professor


Headshot of Samuel Szewczyk

Gerri C. LeBow Hall 1123

Selected Works


Tsetsekos, George, Gyoshev, Stanley B., Kaplan, Todd R., and Szewczyk, Samuel H., Why do investment banks buy put options from companies?. Journal of Corporate Finance 67 (Aug 2021):1-21.

Szewczyk, Samuel H., Marciukaityte, Dalia, and Varma, Raj, Voluntary versus Forced Financial Restatements: The Role of Board Independence. Financial Analysts Journal 65 (Oct 2009):51-65.

Szewczyk, Samuel H., Marchiukaityte, Dalia, Uzen, Hatice, and Varma, Raj, Governance and Performance Changes after Accusations of Corporate Fraud. Financial Analysts Journal 62 (May 2006):32-41.

Szewczyk, Samuel H., Marciukaityte, Dalia, and Varma, Raj, Investor Over Optimism and Private Equity Placements. Journal of Financial Research 28 (Dec 2005):591-608.

Szewczyk, Samuel H., Uzun, Hatice, and Varma, Raj, The Structure of Corporate Boards and Committees and the Likely of Corporate Fraud,?. Financial Analysts Journal 60 (May 2004):33-44.

Song, Wei-Ling, and Szewczyk, Samuel H., ?Does Coordinated Institutional Investor Activism Reverse the Fortune of Underperforming Firms??. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 38 (Jun 2003).

Schweitzer, Robert, Szewczyk, Samuel H., and Varma, Raj, The Effect of Bank Debt Downgrades on Stock Prices of Other Banks. Financial Review 36 (Dec 2001):139-155.

Presented Research

Szewczyk, Samuel H., Liu, Yi, and Zantout, Zaher, The Post-Announcement Long Term Stock Price Performance of Dividend Reducing or Omitting Firms: Under-Reaction or Chance?, Multinational Finance Society: Edinburgh, Scotland, (Jul 2006):

Szewczyk, Samuel H., Governance and Performance Changes Following Accusations of Corporate Fraud, Multinational Finance Society: Athens, Greece, (Jul 2005):

Szewczyk, Samuel H., Why Firms are Selling Put Options on their stock: Separating Equilibrium through Synthetic Stock Repurchases, (Oct 2004):


Szewczyk, Samuel H., and Uzun, Hatice, An Examination of the Relationship between Corporate Fraud and Effectiveness of Internal and External Monitoring, Multinational Finance Society Sep 2003. (Sep 2003):

Liu, Yi, Szewczyk, Samuel H., and Zantout, Zaher, Article Title: An Examination of the Long Run Market Reaction to Announcements of Dividend Omissions and Reductions, Multinational Finance Society Sep 2003. (Sep 2003):

Song, Wei-Ling, Szewczyk, Samuel H., and Tsetsekos, George, Multinational Finance Society, Multinational Finance Society Sep 2001. (Sep 2001):


PhD Major: Finance Minor Economics and Quantitative Business Analysis-Penn State University 1987
MBA Major: Finance, Minor: International Business-Penn State University 1981
BS Civil Engineering, Minor: Naval Science-Penn State University 1974


Multinational Finance Journal – Associate Editor (2017–2018)