Tara LI

Headshot of Fengchun Li

Research Interests

  • Architectural Innovation
  • Decision Making under Complexity
  • Modularity, Cognition, Organizational Design
  • Technology innovation


Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
Doctoral Candidate in Strategy Management (expected June 2023)


Daniel Albert, Tara Li. “Cognitive Search” (in the context of Semiconductor)

Tara Li. “Technology Landscapes: Recombination and Innovation”

Dissertation topic: “Modularity and Connectivity: Intra- and Inter- Organizational Interfaces”

Skill: Computer Simulation, NK model; Natural Language Processing; Social Network Analysis

Prior returning to grad school, Tara has worked in the IT industry for six years. Her experience varied from the hardware field, Lenovo, to the software area, Microsoft. At Lenovo, Tara worked as an order representative in the global supply chain, then as sales on IBM X86 servers; After transferring to Microsoft, she was responsible for Azure Cloud Computing and Office 365 in Microsoft.
After embarking on the Ph.D. journey, the supply chain experience helps Tara allocating the modularity literature gap. Drawing on her industry experience in Cloud Computing, Tara dives into technology innovation, especially decision making under complexity.

Teaching Experience

MGMT 260: Entrepreneur Management—Instructor
MGMT 450: Strategic Management—TA for Daniel Albert
MGMT 630: Technology Strategy—TA for Narayanan, V.K
MGMT 906: Foundations of Research in Behavioral Science—TA for Narayanan, V.K
BUSN 715: Business Consultant (Pfizer Inc.)— TA for Murugan Anandarajan
Southwest Airlines Datathon—TA for Murugan Anandarajan