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Tara LI

PhD Candidate


On the Job Market

Job Market Paper

The role of complex knowledge in shaping search and learning outcomes during the process of innovation


Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
Doctoral Candidate in Strategy


Li, T. “The role of complex knowledge in shaping search and learning outcomes during the process of innovation” (Job Market Paper)

  • The Strategy Management Society, September 2023 in Canada, Toronto
  • The Academy of Management Meeting, August 2022 in U.S., Seattle
  • 10th SKEMA KTO paper developing workshop, June 2022, in France, Nice

Li, T. & Albert, D. & Ganco, M. “Exploring Organizational Search and Learning in Complexity for Innovation: A Literature Review”

Li, T. & Albert, D. & Lee, J. “Firms’ Technological Knowledge and the Search Strategy for Innovation: The Role of Interdependency Misalignment in Exploitation and Exploration”

Li, T. “Interfaces Design and Architectural Innovation”

  • Strategy Management Society, September 2022 in U.K., London

Albert,D. & Li,T. “Insights from Teaching with AI: How ChatGPT Can Enhance Experiential Learning and Assist Instructors”

Industry Experience
Before embarking on her academic career, Tara worked in the IT industry for six years. Her experience varied from the hardware field at Lenovo to the software area at Microsoft. At Lenovo, Tara served as an order representative in the global supply chain and later excelled as an enterprise account sales specialist for IBM X86 servers. Following her transfer to Microsoft, she took on the responsibility of handling Azure Cloud Computing and Office 365 at the company.

Teaching Experience


  • Strategy and Competitive Advantage, Spring 2022/2024
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Spring 2021/2022/2023/2024

Teaching Assistant

  • MBA: Strategy Analysis; Technology Strategy
  • DBA: Application Org & Consumer Behavior.
  • Ph.D.: Foundations of Behavioral Science Research
  • UG: Strategy and Competitive Advantage.
  • Master: Business Analytics, DATATHON with Southwest Airlines Co.; Business Consultant with Pfizer Inc.