Vadake Narayanan

Candid photo of Vadake Narayanan

Areas of Expertise

  • Cognition and Strategy
  • Implementing Strategies
  • Managing Innovation
  • Organization design

Selected Works


Narayanan, V.K., Yang, Yi, and DeCarolis, Donna, The Relationship between Portfolio Diversification and Firm Value: The Evidence from Corporate Venture Capital Activity. Strategic Management Journal 35 (Dec 2014): 1993-2011.

Narayanan, V.K., and Chen, Tianxu, Research on Technology Standards: Accomplishments and Challenges. Research Policy 41 (Oct 2012): 1357-1374.

Narayanan, V.K., Chen, Tianxu, and Chen, Lihong, Battle On the Wrong Field? Entrant Type, Dominant Designs, and Technology Exit. Strategic Management Journal 38 (Dec 2017): 2579-98.

Narayanan, V.K., Zane, Lee, and Kemmerer, B, The Cognitive Perspective in Strategy: An Integrative Review. Journal of Management 37 (Jan 2011): 305-351.

Douglas, Frank, Narayanan, V.K., Mitchell, Lisa, and Litan, Robert, The case for Entrepreneurship in R&D in the pharmaceutical industry. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 9 (Sep 2010): 1-8.

Narayanan, V.K., Yang, Yi, and Zahra, S, Corporate venturing and value creation: A review and proposed framework. Research Policy 38 (Feb 2009): 58-76.


Narayanan, V.K., and O’Connor, Gina, Encyclopedia on Technology and Innovation Management. UK: John Wiley, (Forthcoming)

Narayanan, V.K., Managing Technology and Innovation for Competitive Advantage. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall Longman, (2001):


Narayanan, V.K., and Fahey, Liam, “Invention and Navigation as Contrasting Metaphors for the Pathways to the Future.” Scenarios for the Future, Ed. Tsoukas and Shepherd. London: Blackwell, (2004):


Fulbright Nehru Award (CIES) $20,000 Jan 2016.

Editorial Board Service

Member – Journal of Strategy & Management, Emerald (2017)
Editor – Sage Series on Methodology, Sage (2017)
Advisory Board Member – IJPM, NONE (2018)
Advisory Board Member – Strategy & management, None (2018)


BS Mechanical Engineering - Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, INDIA 1971
MBA - Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, INDIA 1973
PhD Business - University of Pittsburgh 1979


2015 Fulbright Nehru Award (Fulbright)