Vadake Narayanan

Candid photo of Vadake Narayanan

Areas of Expertise

  • Cognition and Strategy
  • Implementing Strategies
  • Managing Innovation
  • Organization design

Selected Works


Narayanan, V.K., Yang, Yi, and DeCarolis, Donna, The Relationship between Portfolio Diversification and Firm Value: The Evidence from Corporate Venture Capital Activity. Strategic Management Journal 35 (Dec 2014): 1993-2011.

Narayanan, V.K., and Chen, Tianxu, Research on Technology Standards: Accomplishments and Challenges. Research Policy 41 (Oct 2012): 1357-1374.

Narayanan, V.K., Chen, Tianxu, and Chen, Lihong, Battle On the Wrong Field? Entrant Type, Dominant Designs, and Technology Exit. Strategic Management Journal 38 (Dec 2017): 2579-98.

Narayanan, V.K., Zane, Lee, and Kemmerer, B, The Cognitive Perspective in Strategy: An Integrative Review. Journal of Management 37 (Jan 2011): 305-351.

Douglas, Frank, Narayanan, V.K., Mitchell, Lisa, and Litan, Robert, The case for Entrepreneurship in R&D in the pharmaceutical industry. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 9 (Sep 2010): 1-8.

Narayanan, V.K., Yang, Yi, and Zahra, S, Corporate venturing and value creation: A review and proposed framework. Research Policy 38 (Feb 2009): 58-76.


Narayanan, V.K., and O’Connor, Gina, Encyclopedia on Technology and Innovation Management. UK: John Wiley, (Forthcoming)

Narayanan, V.K., Managing Technology and Innovation for Competitive Advantage. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall Longman, (2001):


Narayanan, V.K., and Fahey, Liam, “Invention and Navigation as Contrasting Metaphors for the Pathways to the Future.” Scenarios for the Future, Ed. Tsoukas and Shepherd. London: Blackwell, (2004):


Fulbright Nehru Award (CIES) $20,000 Jan 2016.

Editorial Board Service

Member – Journal of Strategy & Management, Emerald (2017)
Editor – Sage Series on Methodology, Sage (2017)
Advisory Board Member – IJPM, NONE (2018)
Advisory Board Member – Strategy & management, None (2018)


BS Mechanical Engineering - Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, INDIA 1971
MBA - Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, INDIA 1973
PhD Business - University of Pittsburgh 1979


2015 Fulbright Nehru Award (Fulbright)

College News

Vadake Narayanan recently returned from a Fulbright-funded research trip to India, where he studied academically-affiliated business incubators that are home to regular startups as well as social-impact innovation.

LeBow’s Associate Dean for Research, VK Narayanan, PhD, has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant to fund a research sabbatical in India, where he will broaden his research on innovation to include emerging economies.

The LeBow College of Business Department of Management hosted several AOM (Academy of Management) events at the LeBow College during AOM’s annual conference in August, which took place across town at the Philadelphia Convention Center.