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Adding Videos to Drexel Streams

Any videos recorded locally to your computer, or created in software other than Zoom, will need to be manually uploaded to Drexel Streams. Below are the steps to upload those videos.

To get to Drexel Streams:

  1. Log into Drexel One at
  2. Navigate to the Campus + Community tab on the top-right
  3. Scroll down to the bottom-right of the page until you see the “Technology Services” section
  4. Click on Drexel Streams

Uploading your video to Drexel Streams:

  1. Click on Add New in the top-right, and select Media Upload
  2. Agree to the terms and conditions
  3. Choose a video file to upload
  4. Title your video. It is good practice to include the course title and the lecture topic (clearly labeling your videos will help you when you’re ready to add them into Blackboard).
  5. The Publishing Status will default to “Private”. You do not have to change this setting to share the video in Blackboard. However, if you wish to share the video outside of Blackboard by sending viewers a link, then change the publishing status to “Unlisted.”

Once your video has finished uploading, you can add it to any of your Blackboard courses.

If you have additional questions about Drexel Streams, reach out to LeBow Instructional Tech at

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