How to Create/Update your Bio and Responsibilities

Professional staff can create or update their bio and responsibilities in one convenient place. Full-time faculty will need to update their biosketches in the FARE system. Please follow these step-by-step instructions to successfully update this information. Your bio and responsibilities will help inform people of whom they should reach out to for assistance or information.

  1. Log in to your LeBow Drexel Account.
    • a. Navigate to
    • b. Login by clicking the login button at the top of the screen.

      Image of where to login
    • c. Enter your Username and Password and login.
  2. Click your name (which has replaced where login previously appeared).

    Indication of how to access profile
  3. Your profile information is presented on this page. You will see a section to contain your bio and a section to contain your responsibilities.
    • Click the [edit] link for ‘Bio’ field.

      Indication of where the edit links are for bio and responsibilities
    • A form field will appear. Fill out the field with information regarding your biography. Be sure to write your bio in the third person (name/he/she instead of I). Some example information includes:
      • Where you obtained your highest degree level
      • The program your degree is from
      • If you are working on a certificate/degree, where and in what
      • Relevant previous positions held
      • Relevant programs you volunteer with
      • Relevant professional associations you are a member of
      • Drexel student organizations you advise
    • Click save when you are satisfied with your biography.
    • Repeat these steps for your responsibilities. Some example information includes:
      • Day-to-day expectations/activities
      • Services you are the main contact for
      • Programs/projects you oversee or participate in
      • Task forces you serve on

      You can always refer to your job position via Drexel One.

  4. Your profile has been updated.

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