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Identifying Missed Deadlines in the Retention Center


  1. Log into Blackboard LEARN and access your course
  2. From the Course Management panel on the left-hand side of the page, click on Evaluation to expand its options
  3. From the expanded menu, choose the Retention Center:
Retention Center Link
4. A table containing a list of at-risk students will appear. Look for any students with a red dot in the “Missed Deadlines” column. 5. To see how many deadlines the student has missed, click on the red dot. This will pull up the matching risk factors for missed deadlines for that student:
Table of at-risk students
6. The total number of missing deadlines for this student will be displayed in the black drop-down box. Click the View late submissions link for a list of each missing item and the number of days past due.
Missed deadlines
Late submissions
In the screenshot above, the sample student has missed two deadlines.

NOTE: This feature only works if Due Dates are set for assignments and tests.

The Retention Center can generate an email to notify students about their missing submissions. To access this option, click on a student’s name, then select the Notify button. Then, click on the Students options that appears.

Notify option

NOTE: Clicking the “Monitor” button will keep track of this individual student’s performance. Monitoring students can be seen in the “Students you are monitoring” area to the right of the students at risk table.

Now the selected student will be listed on the email information page along with a general message. We recommend customizing this message to your preference and adding your signature for students.

Missed deadlines alert

Click the Submit button to send the email alert.

Should you want to send out bulk email alerts or have any questions about the Retention Center, please contact the LeBow Instructional Technology team.
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