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How to: Research Seminar Events

Refer to the following to develop informative research seminar events.

Content Structure

Event Title

  • The title should be formatted as follows: Professor’s Name (with appropriate title), University
  • Example: “John Doe, PhD, Drexel University” or “Associate Professor Jane Doe, PhD, Drexel University”


  • Please create a teaser under 160 characters
  • The teaser should provide a brief overview of the topic to be presented, or if presentation information is not known, then provide a brief overview of speaker’s background.

Please note, the teaser should not be a duplicate of the event description.

Event Description

  • Provide a brief biography of the professor and/or seminar topic.
  • Include information regarding an abstract, if available.
  • Provide a link to the speaker’s online biography in the following format: Read more about [Professor’s Name](link to professor).


  • Please be sure to include the location and room number for the event, or indicate that the event is happening online and including the online link.


  • Audience - Faculty & PhD Students
  • Discipline - area of expertise/discussion
  • Location - location of event

My Seminar is Online and I want them to Register Through Zoom Directly, What Now?

Research seminars can be presented online through Zoom. If you want Zoom to handle your registration process, we recommend Utilizing Zoom Registration and placing the Zoom registration link in the ‘External Registration’ field of your LeBow event.

For more information on Zoom and its capabilities, refer to LeBow Tech’s comprehensive Zoom knowledge base.

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